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Boats that arrive not Clean Drain and Dry will be subject to fees

In order to deter boaters from arriving with standing water on their vessels, any boat found to have standing water (including motors) on or in their vessel will require decontamination prior to launching. 

Triggers for decontamination include but are not limited to:

  • Standing water in compartments or in motor/engine.

  • Wet/ damp equipment such as life jackets, lines, floaties etc..

  • Plants including on intakes and on trailer.

  • Animals such as live bait, which is illegal at Pyramid Lake anyways.

This decontamination fee is completely avoidable, to avoid paying any additional fees simply make sure you vessel is Clean Drain and Dry prior to arrival!

The fees will be structured at $15 for the first system that requires decontamination and an additional $5 for every subsequent system that requires decontamination.  If a boat show up covered with mussel, there will be a $250 fee for decontamination.

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